Valorant Announces A Brand New Map 'Icebox' To Release With Act III

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Valorant players are anticipating the release of the third act, which is coming soon.

Although the game has been out for quite some time, there is not a massive amount of maps to play.


Now, Riot has showcased a brand new map that is coming with the release of Act III.



Taking to Twitter to post announces the new map, the official PlayVALORANT account tweeted a short video showcasing the new map.


The map is going to be called 'Icebox' and as the name suggests it is based around an icy location and it looks to be one of the best maps so far.

You can check out the full showcase here or below are some images of the new map.




It is unknown as of now what special features this map is going to offer.

Some of the current Valorant maps offer unique aspects such as opening and closing doors, or teleporters. 


Some users on Twitter have speculated that they are able to spot ziplines that we will be able to take to specific locations around the map!

This would be an interesting addition to the map and something we have never seen before. 


Game Modes

As of now, we can only speculate the map will be playable on the default Spike-Defuse game mode. As well, there is a possibility we could see it on Spike Rush and FFA Deathmatch!