Tom Clancy's Elite Squad: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Splinter Cell And Everything You Need To Know

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Ubisoft Forward kicked off today, with all eyes on the mega developers to showcase the new Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed title.

There were also some other announcements that gathered a lot of attention, including some more content regarding Tom Clancy Elite Squad.


Here's what was showcased!


Latest News

Opening Sequence Removed - 30th August


In a statement tweeted by Ubisoft, they have addressed the 'raised' fist' action used in their latest video for Elite Squad.

Ubisoft Forward Trailer

Showcased directly before more news regarding Hyper Scape, below is the trailer that showcased!



Release Date Confirmed

Although the game was announced during E3 2019, and players have already had a chance to check out the Alpha. Now, we have a sure-fire release date for the new mobile title. 

Tom Clancy Elite Squad will be coming to iOS and Android devices on August 27th, 2020!



Pre-Register NOW!

You can pre-register Tom Clancy Elite Squad on the App Store or the Google Play Store starting NOW! This will also grant you with the Montagne's Tier 2 Weapon, just for signing up.

So, go ahead and get ready to dive into this new mobile game.