The Halo World Championship prize pool is now $2.0M!

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Once again, The Halo World Championship prize pool has increased since its initial launch, thanks to you, the community! 

Originally, Xbox and 343 Industries announced a starting prize pool of $1million for the Halo World Championship. However, since then, crowdfunding via in-game REQ Pack purchases have increased the prize pool by a substantial $1,000,000. 


As a result, the Halo World Championship prize pool currently sits at an impressive $2,000,000, and it’s growing daily! 

In addition to this, Microsoft and 343 industries also announced a brand new premium HCS Req Pack at the 2015 Game Awards. 

The Halo Championship Series premium Req pack will cost £7.99 ($10) or 80,000 REQ points. The pack contains HCS themed weapon skins, armour and emblems. The HCS Req Pack will be available for a limited time only, going on sale for 72 hours, and as expected, HCS Req Pack purchases will support the Halo World Championship prize pool.


The Halo World Championship is set to kick-off December 6th with the launch of the Halo World Championship ladder! 

Click here to join the ladder!

The first Halo World Championship UK and ROI Qualifier will also launch on December 20th.

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Further details surrounding the structure and format of the UK and ROI Halo World Championship can be found here.

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