The Gfinity Rocket League Invitational is ready for kick-off!

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The Gfinity Rocket League Invitational is ready for kick-off! 

Gfinity is delighted to announce the introduction of our first Gfinity Rocket League invitational! 


Eight of the world’s best Rocket League teams will compete in the Gfinity Rocket League Invitational on Saturday 30th January at 17:00 GMT. 

The competition will feature a £450 prize pool and will consist of a best-of-seven double elimination bracket, with the Lower Bracket Finals and Grand Finals featuring a best-of-nine series. A full prize pool breakdown can be found below:

Prize Pool Breakdown:

1st Place - £300


2nd Place - £150

As the players prepare themselves for the online tournament, we’re also delighted to announce our talent lineup!

Joining us for the weekend, we’re excited to welcome Matthew “FreezingWolves” Ryan Murphy, Callum “MegaShogunV2” Keir, Pascal “ItsThePaSch” Schuster and Steve “Shalthis” Perry as your official Gfinity Rocket League Invitational casters. 

You will be able to watch the entire tournament via the following links:


Main stream

Second stream

Keep up to date with all the latest gaming and eSports news via our Twitter: @Gfinity.