Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Find and Catch Regice, Regirock and Registeel

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The Regi's are some of the most well known legendary Pokemon from the earlier generations.

Introduced back during Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald; these Pokemon have been in multiple titles over the years.


Now, they have returned with the release of the Crown Tundra.

Players will be looking to capture this legendary trio and here's how to complete it!



The first one on our list is the fragile Regice, the Pokemon is obviously an ice type and has been touted as the strongest of the bunch throughout the years.


This is one of the tricker ruins to open, as you will need to find and capture a Cyrogonal.

Once you do so, make it your walking Pokemon; and approach the ruin doors.

This will then open the doors of the temple, and you will be able to meet Regice!





Next up is Regirock, this one is by far the easiest out of the bunch.

When you make your way to the temple where Regirock rests, all you have to do is have the lead Pokemon in your party hold an Everstone.


Once again the doors of the temple will open and you will be able to confront Reigrock shortly after. 



Last but not least is Registeel, the final member of the Regi trio that you are going to need to catch.


This one is just as easy as Regirock, as once you are near the temple of Registeel; simply whistle with your player and the doors will open!

All of these Regis are relatively easy to catch so you should not have any trouble catching them!