Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Find and Catch All Hoenn Starters

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The long-awaited second DLC pack for Pokemon Sword and Shield has now gone live across the world.

The Crown Tundra is taking players to a brand new location, which is about to be an amazing adventure.


One of the biggest questions is if players are able to find the Hoenn starters within the Crown Tundra.

As during the main storyline of Sword and Shield; players were able to find most of the Kanto ones.

Here's how to find them (sorta)! 




So, there is no specific way to get the basic evolution lines of the Hoenn starters.

Instead, you will be able to find the the second of final evolution version of each of the three Pokemon.

These can be found within the new Dynamax Raid battles; which is where you will also be able to find some of the legendary Pokemon new to the game.


We do not know the percentages of encountering one of these Pokemon within these Dynamax Raids.

But, eventually, you should be able to run into one of Combusken, Grovyle, and Marshtomp or Combusken, Grovyle, and Marshtomp!

Which one are you looking to get ahold of first, be sure to let us know!