Tfue: Lawsuit Vs FaZe Clan Dismissed, Counter-Suit Continues On

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Fortnite streamer Turner 'Tfue' Tenney's complaint against FaZe Clan has been dismissed in California, but the counter-suit against him continues.

In May of 2019, Tfue confirmed his intention to sue the sports organisation for what he referred to as an "oppressive contract" based on factors including withheld earnings.


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Tfue Suit Dismissed, Counter-Suit Ongoing

Not only has the case been dismissed, but the organisation's counter-suit is still ongoing in New York.


Speaking about the dismissal, FaZe Clan's chief legal officer Philip Gordon said "We are very pleased with Judge Cowan's decision to dismiss Turner's case. This is one of many moments throughout this legal process when the courts have ruled in our favour. We haven't wanted to argue this in the press because we don't want to attack Turner."

"We care about him and our gamers who have been hurt by this process. The reality is we support Turner and invested heavily in his career — we simply want an outcome that is fair. We look forward to continuing the N.Y. case and feel confident in its outcome."

Bryan Freedman, Tfue's lawyer, explained that "given the court's favorable findings on the rulings on summary judgment and the upcoming hearing in front of the Labor Commission concerning illegal procurement, there was no need to have the proceeding in state court."

"All issues will be resolved in the trial in New York and in front of the California Labor Commission. My client is very confident and looks forward adjudicating these issues."


A trial is expected to begin on October 5, but given the state of the world, it's likely things could be postponed.