Team Vitality are the new Street Fighter V Champions of the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's season 4!

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The Gfinity Elite Series Finals Weekend continued with Street Fighter V! Six teams remained alive in the competition, but only one would be crowned champion! 

After an epic night of action and surprises, Team Vitality defeated heavy favourites Nordavind & ExceL and captured the SFV trophy! How was their road to victory? Let's find out now by checking all the final results!



QF1: Hashtag United vs Team Vitality

The quarter finals kicked off with two teams who had never made it to the SFV playoffs before. Hashtag wouldn’t go down without a fight, but the Vitality roster was just too strong for the young team. Linkexelo had two perfect KOs and Vitality took the series 4-2 and a place in the semi-finals against undefeated and defending SFV champions Nordavind. 

QF2: Fnatic vs Method


Fnatic's Shakz took the first game & 16 year old Kilzyou managed to end the dominating win streak of Method's ImStillDaDaddy. It was 2-0 to Fnatic and things weren’t looking good for Method, but they had an ace up their sleeve. Broski, who hadn’t had a win in season 4 yet, stepped up his game big time and won 3 in a row, putting Method ahead 3-2! It all went down to a decisive last game between Akainu and ImStillDaDaddy, but Fnatic eventually closed the score 4-3 and moved on to face S1 champs ExceL in the semis.

Semi Final 1: ExceL vs Fnatic

Fnatic had no time to rest and was up against ExceL shortly after. This did not stop Shakz & co. from taking a 2-0 lead against the former champions. Unfortunately for them, ExceL had a very inspired player in Hurricane, who kept his undefeated record in S4 by winning all of his matches with great reads and reactions. The final score of 4-2 sent Excel into the Grand Final.

Semi Final 2: Team Vitality vs Nordavind


Perhaps the most surprising match of the night. Team Vitality was a HUGE underdog against the undefeated Nordavind, whose win streak lasted two full Gfinity seasons already. Nordavind's Phenom started out with a perfect KO in round 1 to put the first point on the board, but Verdoyance showed some great skills and ended Saltykid's unbeaten streak this season to put Vitality back in the contest. TKR would then go on to defeat Nordavind's Momi twice, but loose to Phenom & Saltykid, and the score was then tied 3-3. It all came down to the final game between Momi & Verdoyance, but in the most shocking turn of events, it was Team Vitality who emerged the victor!

Grand Final: Team Vitality vs ExceL

It was now time for the SFV Grand Final! Team Vitality was once again the underdog, as ExceL's trio of Infexous, Hurrican & Brian seemes unstoppable and had already defeated Vitality in brutal fashion earlier in S4, during the group stages. Time would prove however, Vitality would not only get their revenger but also be crowned the champions!

Vitality took the lead 2-0 with Verdoyance & Linkexelo, but once it was time for ExceL's Hurricane to play, the tables turned. Hurricane was able to win out all 3 fixtures, including a perfect KO, putting Excel in the lead and only 1 win away from the championship. Vitality’s Verdoyance was able to keep the dream alive and tied up the score at 3-3 after defeating Brian. The entire championship would come down to the classic final game between rivals Infexious and TKR, but it was Vitality's night, and the frenchmen came out on top in the end! Final score 4-3, and Vitality were also crowned the new SFV kings of the Gfinity Elite Series!



The Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's season 4 will reach it's action packed finale tomorrow, when we'll find out who will be the new Rocket League champions!