Team Nigma Announces Merger With Galaxy Racer

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Credit: Image via Nigma Galaxy

The massive burst of esports in the last decade has given rise to a bunch of organizations that wish to conquer it all. Having said that, sustaining an esports organization for the long haul can be a fair bit of a challenge.

Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer are extremely popular esports organizations, especially in the field of DOTA 2. However, on 20th September 2021, the two organizations announced a merger that will see the two teams unify under the banner of Nigma Galaxy.


Let's dive in and find out what this merger will mean for both organizations.

Nigma Galaxy - A Merger between Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer

The following is the official press release from Nigma Galaxy.

Galaxy Racer, the biggest esports, content, and lifestyle organization, based in the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia, and Team Nigma, the biggest competitive gaming team in the MENA region, which was founded by The International 7 Champions, today announce they are merging to become Nigma Galaxy, a new esports powerhouse.


Based in Abu Dhabi, Team Nigma will become Nigma Galaxy, heading up the esports team division of Galaxy Racer which currently carries rosters across all major titles with over 60 players from over 20 countries. The merger will unite both brands, including their ambitions for the MENA region and international growth, while also allowing each to retain their visual identity.

Together the new organization will look to build an authentic voice for the MENA region, establish itself as the #1 esports organization in the world and give its players an international platform. Nigma Galaxy will look to become a household name for players of the region to be proud of, and with aspirations to become a global player it will also use existing resources from Galaxy Racer to expand further within Europe, South and North America, Southeast Asia, and China.

Galaxy Racer launched in 2019 and has already become one of the biggest esports organizations globally, and the only entity in the MENA region with a significant international presence. The organization prides itself on having five separate business offerings; Esports Teams, Content Creators, Tournaments Management, Merchandising and Lifestyle, and GXR Records, a newly established record label that already carries two signed artists from MENA.


Within its first year of opening, Galaxy Racer onboarded some of the biggest content creators in the MENA and Asia regions and currently carries over 80 creators with a reach of over 370 million followers across all platforms. Its content creators roster includes some of the biggest YouTube channels with over 2 billion views across all platforms; Abo Flah, the biggest and fastest-growing gaming channel in the Arabic-speaking world. Galaxy Racer also carries esports rosters across all major titles including League of Legends, VALORANT, CS:GO, Free Fire, PUBG MOBILE, BGMI, and Fortnite.

The goal behind this merger

Based on the official release from Nigma Galaxy, the primary goal for the newly merged organization will be to promote the growth of esports and content creation in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

It has also been clarified that Nigma Galaxy will operate as a standalone entity while retaining the brand identity of both Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer.


Nigma Galaxy Merchandise

Considering that Team Nigma released its own line of merchandise and apparel in 2020, the press release has confirmed that everything available for purchase will be updated to match the new merger.

Having said that, it has also been announced that everyone who purchased an official Team Nigma merchandise will be receiving a free upgrade of the new merchandise very soon.

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