Super Mario Sunshine: How To Run And Spray

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Nintendo will be releasing Super Mario 3D All-Stars to celebrate Mario's 35th Anniversary.

Once upon a time, Super Mario Sunshine was one of the best games ever released.


Now, you will get to relive the magic that is Sunshine.

An important aspect of the game is running and spraying your water gun!

Here's how to do it. 




As of writing, we do not know the official controls for the Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario Sunshine. 

However, going off of the original controls we can assume it will be relatively the same.

As well, we can assume a lot of you will be playing on a supported controller instead of the Nintendo Joy-Cons.


In Super Mario Sunshine you were able to spray and run using the following controls:

  • Move LS in any direction you want to move in
  • Lightly press the R trigger, which will allow your FLUDD to spray

This is one of the most important controls the game has to offer.

Allowing you to dodge your opponent's attacks while laying down pressure with your FLUDD.



Will The Controls Stay The Same? 

When Sunshine releases on the Switch later this week, we will get a better understanding of the controls.

But for now, we can assume a lot of the controls will be the same.


The layout of the Gamecube and Joy-Con controllers are relatively the same; so there should not be a lot to adapt to.