Super Mario Sunshine: How To Get Yoshi

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The 35th anniversary of Super Mario Brothers is just around the corner. 

Players will be able to jump into remasters of all-time classics.


Super Mario Sunshine is one of these titles, and players will be wondering how to unlock Yoshi.


Delfino Plaza

Once you have beaten episode four of the Super Mario Sunshine.


You are going to want to head back to Delfino Plaza and there you will encounter Shadow Mario.

Shadow Mario will have Yoshi's egg!

This is where you need to focus up, as you will have to chase Shadow Mario around until you can defeat him. 

Once you accomplish this you will acquire Yoshi's egg.



Hatching The Egg

Now that you have Yoshi's egg you will have to wake Yoshi up so you can start playing as Yoshi!

To do this, you are going to need to feed Yoshi the bananas or other fruit that you will find.


Doing this will trigger Yoshi to hatch!