Super Mario Sunshine: How To Get To Delfino Airstrip

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The 35th anniversary of Super Mario Brothers is happening this month.

As apart of the celebrations they are releasing some of the best games of all time on the Switch.


One of these is Super Mario Sunshine.

Players will also be wondering how to get to the Delfino Airstrip.

Here's how!




The Delfino Airstrip is one of the first locations you will encounter when heading to the Delfino Isles. 

This is one of the most important locations in the entire game.

This is where Mario will find FLUDD and begin to have access to it.


You will actually begin the game on this island, and it will trigger the mission of obtaining FLUDD.

You will need to find FLUDD and then defeat the gatekeeper of the airstrip!

This will be the first time you are able to visit the airstrip, but it will not be the last.

You will want to come back later down the line if you are looking to get more shine sprites. 




If you are looking to head back to the Delfino Airstrip, you are going to need to pay ten coins to the Pianta located at the Delfino Plaza.

You will then take a ride back to the airstrip, which is where you are able to find more shine sprites.