Super Mario Sunshine: How To Catch Shadow Mario

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Super Mario Sunshine will be one of the three classic Mario games releasing on the Nintendo Switch.

The classic Nintendo Gamecube game is viewed as one of the best of all time.


During the game, you are going to encounter Shadow Mario quite a few times.

Here's how to defeat him!



Once you achieve enough shine sprites or complete a specific episode of Super Mario Sunshine.


You will then need to head back to Delfino Plaza at some point.

Once you do so, Shadow Mario will appear and will be holding some sort of item you need for the story.

This can range from Yoshi's egg to one of the nozzles you need for getting around the map.

You will then be tasked with chasing down Shadow Mario, which can be tricky depending on the route he takes around Delfino Plaza.


In order to get Shadow Mario to stop running, you are simply going to spray him down with as much water as you can fire.

This will cause Shadow Mario to freeze, triggering the victory for you!