Stream Sniping Black Ops Cold War: What is Matchmaking Delay and How Does It Work?

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Black Ops Cold War Streamers can breathe a sigh of relief today, stream sniping just got harder.

The practice is hated by many top players for bringing some of their best games to an early end.


Though developers Treyarch and Raven Software have taken a nifty approach to help reduce the chance of players finding the matches of the streamers they are sniping.

What is Stream Sniping?

Stream sniping is the practice of watching a person’s stream, on YouTube or Twitch, and using that information to find them in-game.

Often this will lead to griefing, with stream snipers looking to eliminate top players and cause a lot of annoyance.


Fortnite Streamer Ninja is famous for his reactions to suspected stream snipers.

Sometimes snipers can be nice, dropping loot off for their idols, or offering them easy kills, but unfortunately, these kinds of players are few and far between.

How Does Black Ops Cold War Fight Stream Sniping?

To try and help out any players looking to broadcast their streams, the game’s developers have added a nifty feature.


Matchmaking Delay.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it will make being able to land in a person’s stream much more difficult.

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The way it works is by going to the game’s settings a streamer can privately choose a Matchmaking Delay timer of 3s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s or random.


This secret timer will start a countdown that isn’t shown on screen before actually starting to search for a match.

As a result, players hoping to stream snipe won’t be able to know when they need to load a game to be able to land with the streamer.

On top of this, streamers can also choose to turn off other player’s names, and set their own to private, meaning snipers can’t try to verify if they are in the right lobby!

This will certainly be a welcome move and could maybe attract players to try the game out in an attempt to hide from potential Stream Snipers.


For everyone’s sakes, we hope it works!