Spider-Man Remaster Unlocks Trophies Automatically on PS5

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Trophy Hunters rejoice! A new easy Platinum is waiting on the PS5.

Though, only if you already have the Platinum Trophy on the PS4 version, but we know you already do!


If you want to earn quick trophies quickly in Sony’s best exclusive game, here’s our guide on what you have to do!

Then you can get back to playing as the new Spider-man: Miles Morales.

How to Automatically Earn The Spider-man Platinum Trophy on PS5

As we said above, you will already need the Platinum on the PS4 version of the game!


You’ll need to then transfer you save data of your Platinum run over to your PS5.

We already a guide on how to do this here!

And we have one for cloud saves here!


With your save data transferred, you should pop the Platinum automatically when you load it!

It honestly couldn’t be much easier!

Why Does This Earn You Two Platinum Trophies?

This is because of the weird way the PS5 version works.


Rather than it being a traditional port, this version of Spider-man is it’s own entire game, with its own Trophies, even if the requirements are the same.

This means that when you load up your save data, the game realises you’ve completed all the game’s challenges and gives you the Platinum.

We don’t think this is a glitch, bay it may be worth doing this while you can if you want an easy Platinum!

We hope our guide helps!


Good luck out there True Believer!