Sources Claim A GTA Movie Will Release Before GTA 6 - News, Rumors, Leaks and More

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The release of GTA 6 is one that fans have been highly anticipating for years now.

With a release date nowhere in sight it seems, a new source has claimed a live-action film will release before the next title. 


The same sources were correct about The Witcher TV series which has now released on Netflix.


Movie Time has reported that sources close to them have noted that a featured film based on the events of the GTA series is in the works.


They also note that these sources are the same ones that told them about The Witcher TV series along with the rumored Resident Evil 4 remake.

WGTC stated the following: 

"Say that the project is reportedly in the early stages and will loosely adapt the events of GTA V, presumably bringing us live-action versions of characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor"

However, this is all the news they can share at the time so we do not know much regarding this.



Same Voice Actors? 

It is hard to say who will be the cast of this GTA film, it is unlikely the same voice actors of Michael, Trevor and Franklin play the roles of their characters in the film.

So, fans will have to adjust to the different voices when it gets revealed. 


As well, it will be interesting to see if they follow the GTA 5 storyline for the film, or they create a unique one. 

Seeing the beloved characters try and accomplish a heist on the big screen would be a treat for sure!


GTA 6? 

What this means for GTA 6 is unknown as of now.


Perhaps this film will be some sort of announcement for GTA 6, or it will prolong the release date a few more years. 

We will have to wait and see!