Shroud Argues That Apex Legends Is The Best Battle Royale!

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Battle royales have become the world's most popular genre of games over recent years.

The dramatic climb of Fortnite, Warzone, and for a brief time Apex Legends all captivated the gaming community in some regards.

Although some may view Apex Legends as the lesser of the three major battle royales, one of the world's most popular streamers seems to think otherwise. 




Shroud has always been one of the select top streamers who occasionally goes back to Apex Legends from time to time.

You can typically find him grinding the ranked game mode, which he proves how natural his skill is in every title. 

In a Twitch clip from his stream earlier in the week, Shroud was asked whether or not he enjoys coming back to Apex from time to time.

Shroud responded with "Yea absolutely, Apex is by far still the best br on the market" 

Shroud followed this up with some comments on the speed in which the developers release updates, which has been criticized in the past. 

“I don’t want to ruin their work or anything, but people expect updates faster, and they don’t deliver it that quickly. But Apex is still the best BR, regardless of their speed of content"


These comments should not come as a surprise to longtime Shroud viewers. 

The streamer has always been a fan of the game since it released back in 2019; and we suspect he will continue to play from time to time.

Shroud playing Apex Legends from time to time has undoubtedly elevated the game's popularity over recent months.

Especially with the rise of Warzone since it released back in March, players may not know what is going on in Apex all the time. So, getting the chance to tune into Shroud play the game from to time is helpful!