Sephiroth Joins Smash Ultimate: Release Date, Trailer, Price, Moves, Final Smash And Everything You Need To Know

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The Game Awards are known for massive reveals and trailers, and this one was nothing less than that.

To kick off the event, it was revealed that Sephiroth is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate!


The One-Winged Angel is one of the most iconic video game villains ever, so we can’t wait to make him our new main!

We’re here to break down everything we know about the FF7 character in Smash!

Release Date

After being announced that he'd be arriving this year at the game awards, it was finally revealed when Sephiroth will be added to Smash Ultimate's roster.


December 22 2020, that's just 4 days away at the time of writing!

We absolutely cannot wait!


Here’s the Sephiroth reveal trailer.

New main? 🤔 World Premiere of a brand new character, Sephiroth in Super Smash Bros Ultimate by @NintendoAmerica!!
— The Game Awards (@thegameawards)
December 11, 2020

Rad right? We just want to play as him now!



Sephiroth is included in Fighters Pass Vol. 2 which costs £26.99 or $29.99.

You’ll likely be able to purchase him separately too, at probably £5.39 or $5.99 based on other fighters.

If this changes, we'll update this page!


Moveset and Final Smash

As expected, his moveset revolves around his iconic Masamune sword.

We saw some stuff in his reveal trailer, but Sakurai has done his usual more full breakdown to show off every move in detail.



Make sure to check back regularly to keep up to date on the new Smash Ultimate fighter!