Rockstar Censoring GTA 6 Content and Discussion Due To Map Leaks

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The GTA 6 discussion has taken a new turn over recent weeks, as there was a massive 'map leak' a while ago.

Although this leak is more than likely false, it is the first time fans of the series have had something to talk about with Rockstar being quiet on the game's release.


There has been on-going discussion over the last weeks, whether or not this leak is true and it appears Rockstar has now had enough.

Reddit users are claiming their comments on specific YouTube videos are being censored by the developers. 



Reddit user TypicalPoetry22 posted a Reddit thread on the GTA 6 sub-Reddit with the title:


Rockstar is censoring "GTA 6" in the YouTube comments

In the post the user writes this about Rockstar: 

So, like every time I watch the newly uploaded YouTube video from Rockstar Games. And like every time I also look at the comments.

There I noticed that I haven't seen a single comment about GTA 6. So I wrote a comment and mentioned GTA 6. After that I went into the incognito mode and looked at the comments. Aaaaaand my comment was not visible. So Rockstar Games has blacklisted "GTA 6" on YouTube. Btw not "GTA VI", I think because most people dont use the roman number.


According to them, it appears Rockstar is shutting out all the noise when it comes to the release of their future title.

Perhaps this is being done to negate the spread of misinformation due to the map leak that surface a while back.

TypicalPoetry22 also posted the following images proving their point with the YouTube comments.


As you can tell from the images provided, it appears to be clear that Rockstar is in fact blacklisting the word 'GTA 6' from their YouTube videos.

A rather strange tactic from the developers, but we can see why they would implement this.

Perhaps, this may allude to the fact that they are gearing up to announce some sort of GTA 6 content and want people to stop the discussion for a bit?

We will have to wait and see!