Rocket League Season 2: Can You Trade Rocket Pass Rewards With Other Players?

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Rocket League Season 2 has just kicked, introducing a brand new Rocket Pass and a bunch of other content!

We’re here to run you through everything you need to know, and answer any burning questions you may have about the game.

So let’s get into it!

In this guide we’ll explain what rewards can be traded from the Season 2 Rocket Pass, and how you can do it.

We hope our guide helps, and be sure to check out our others if you want to know more about Rocket League Season 2.


What Can You Trade From The Season 2 Rocket Pass?


Not quite everything can be traded unfortunately.

What can be given to other players are the free rewards and the Pro rewards earned beyond level 70.

The premium rewards earned up to tier 70 will be stuck with whoever earned them!

This is all from what is currently on the Rocket League official page, but we’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes.

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How To Trade Items From The Season 2 Rocket Pass

Here’s how you trade in Rocket League!


First, you’ll have to have purchased 500 credits or played the game before it went free-to-play, this is to reduce fraud according to the official site.

Next up, invite the other player you want to trade with to a party in Rocket League

Once they are in your party, select the player you will be trading with.

Finally, select the Invite to Trade button, and a trade should begin if they accept!

That’s everything from us, just be careful when trading with people you don’t know!

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