Riot Introducing New Valorant Anti-Cheat Measures For Bussing

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Riot Is hitting cheaters hard with its latest efforts to curb Valorant cheating.

And not just those who use cheats, but those who queue with cheaters too!


Here are all the new measures that will be put into place soon.

Cheaters Won’t Prosper!

One measure that Riot wants to introduce are punishments for those that queue with cheaters or as they call it:

“Ride the cheat bus to hell.”


This will hopefully stop players from benefitting when someone on their team is using hacks.

(Image: Riot)

They already do something similar by cancelling a match mid-game if they detect cheats so that no one wins or loses.


In this same vein, Riot wants to research ways to “re-calibrate” the ranks of those affected by cheats.

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This could be lowering the rank of those who benefitted and boosting the rank of those who lost.

Though this could cause plenty of problems on its own, potentially allowing for players to grief by using cheat software to then change other player’s ranks.


We’re sure Riot is aware of these potential problems and so they are careful of implementing a new system.

They are also hoping to improve Vanguard to help it detect cheat software better!