Riot Games Adds Clubs to League of Legends

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Your League of Legends experience just got a little less lonely.

As part of their 2016 season update, previously announced in November, Riot Games has launched their new social connection, Clubs. 



The new group-like feature allows players to find the best like-minded gamers to head into the rift with, as they create, organise and control who is a part of their Club. 


Your new Club can be found in the social panel, in place of the old chat room button. Once you create or join a club, you’ll enter a chat room which stays active even when you’re not logged in. A unique club tag can be added to your Summoner name.


In addition to this, if you’re the super social type, you even have the ability to be a part of multiple clubs at once and can change your club tag accordingly.


At launch, the current invitation cap for one clubs is 49 friends, but Riot have stated that the cap may increase over time. Tools will also be available for the moderation of your club and the management of your roster, such as appointing officers.



As with most new game features, the clubs won’t be polished and Riot states things will be adjusted and added with future patches.

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