PS5 Release Date May Not Be The Same Worldwide - Rumors, Leaks and More!

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The release date for the next-generation consoles has been an on-going topic of conversation for months. 

With the rumored release dates of November nearing closer, we still do not have any official word. 


Now, a new change on a few of Sony's websites has fans concerned about the release date.

Here's the news!


Black Ops Cold War Trailer

Twitter user Riaanvanwyk noticed something odd during the end of the Black Ops Cold War Trailer.


Posting an image the screen notes "PS5 Coming Holiday 2020, US and Canada" followed by "PS5 Coming Late 2020, Rest of the World"

This alludes to the notion that the PS5's release date is going to depend on what region you live in.



UK Website

GamesRadar noted that over on the UK PS5 website, the release window was recently changed,

They found that the release info was changed from holiday 2020 to late 2020; which is the same lines as the above image from the trailer. 

The staggered release for the PS5 seems all but inevitable at this point, but we can't point our finger into why this is the case. 


With no rumors regarding how long the staggered release dates will be, it could be weeks or just days that US/Canada gamers are able to play first. 

For now, we will have to wait and see!