PS5 Pre Order Warning: ShopTo May Release Your PlayStation 5 If You Don't Pay This Week

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The PS5 is almost here, the next-generation of consoles is almost within our grasps!

Just make sure it doesn’t slip through your fingers if you’re a ShopTo customer.


If your preorder is with the site you have less than a week to confirm your purchase, or you could miss out on the console’s launch.

The deadline is October 31, so get on it now!

And if you are looking to snag a PS5 console on launch day, ShopTo could become your best shot.

PS5 ShopTo Deadline

ShopTo is an online UK retailer for gaming and technology products and offered PS5 pre-orders.


With most sites, when the pre-order is confirmed, your registered card is charged automatically before launch day and if that’s successful you’ll receive your console.

However, ShopTo has introduced new fraud protection measures which mean you’ll have to pre-pay for your PS5 manually by October 31st or risk missing out on launch day.

In a message to customers on their site, the retailer says, "Due to fraud protection, we are unable to charge your confirmed for day one pre-order automatically."


"If you don’t confirm your day one PS5 by the deadline, your console will be allocated to the next person in the queue."

"Failure to pay by the 31st October will result in cancellation of your confirmed for day one pre-order, your console will be automatically allocated to the next customer in the queue, and we will be unable to reallocate the console to you.” 

This doesn’t seem to mean your pre-order is cancelled entirely, just that you’ll have to wait longer for the next-generation hardware.

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How Can I Get A Launch Day PS5?

There is no guarantee this will work, but if ShopTo is allocating PS5 consoles to the next customers in the queue, by preordering from their site you could receive a console that others forget to pay for!

In another message on the PS5 page they say, “Please, DO NOT PRE-PAY for your Pre-Order if it's not confirmed for day one."

So you don’t have to worry about paying the full amount now, but potentially you could be offered a PS5 preorder if they know you want one.