Private Matches Are Coming To Destiny

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Private matches are coming to Destiny!

During their Gamescom livestream, Bungie arguably revealed their biggest announcement since launch… Private matches are finally coming to Destiny!


The private matchmaking feature will be implemented alongside the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion, due for release on the 20th September, and will allow payers to create their own custom matches, ranging from 1v1s to player-created tournaments.

As shown in the screenshot below, Bungie have ensured no details have been missed, as they provide users with an extensive range of customisable options. You can select the game type, the map, the time of day, the score limit, time limit and whether 'Light Level' is active, meaning your gear will have a greater impact during the game.

In addition to this, Bungie also revealed that players will be able to earn in-game rewards. However, only 'rare' gear will drop in private matches, while Crucible reputation can be earned for completing matches. 

Private matches will also support player created tournaments, with Bungie opening up the option of cash prize competitive tournaments. As well as this, players will be able to view their Clan roster in-game. 


All Destiny owners will have access to private matchmaking but only those who have the Rise of Iron expansion will be able to select the latest maps and modes.

Image Source: Polygon

With the addition of private matches, could competitive Destiny become the latest console eSport? Let us know in the comments below.

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