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Pragmata: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, News, PS5 and Everything We Know!


One of the most bizarre games announced during Playstation's Future of Gaming event is the newest title developed by Capcom.


Pragmata is a game that we know next to nothing about, but the trailer has for sure get people talking all over social media.

From the setting to the characters we witnessed during the trailer; there is something to talk about.

Here's all we know!


What Is It? 

This is the question that everyone is asking about Pragmata; this mysterious new game is being developed by Capcom but it is rather confusing. 

From what we can tell, the game is set in some sort of futuristic world; where the main character is being forced to wear a spacesuit.

As well, it appears they were able to relive certain memories through capsules via the back of the suit. 

At one point during the trailer, a space station plummets towards the planet and sends the spaceman and the child towards the moon. 

It will be interesting to see what kind of game Capcom is making Pragmata into!



Release Date

Pragmata is set to release sometime in 2020! So still a long way away until we get more news out of Capcom, but it is for sure a game to keep our eyes on.



Check out the full trailer showcased during the PS5 event below!




As of now, we only know that Pragmata is going to be playable on the PS5!

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