Pokemon Yellow Easter Egg Found After 22 Years

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Pokemon Yellow has been in fans’ hands for 22 years, but players are still discovering new secrets and easter eggs.

The game, which plays out as a more anime-like experience of Pokemon Red and Blue has a partner Pikachu follow you around!


While already an amazing friend to begin with, Pikachu may be more useful than first thought!

Especially when you need to light up those annoying dark caves.

An Electrifying Easter Egg

A video of the easter egg in action was recently posted to Reddit, and you can go try this out right now in your own version of the game now!


As you may already know, talking to your Pikachu will have a little reaction pop up on screen, accompanied by its distinctive “Pika” cry.

Best Pokemon game ever! Pikachu is so cute

If Pikachu has just learnt the move Thunder (or Thunderbolt) and you choose to talk to them, a picture of their face sparking will show up and the cave will flash up.


This also happens if the Pokemon is angry with you too.

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The reason this feature would have gone undetected for so long is that so few parts of the game are in darkness like this, so most interactions will happen in bright spaces that won’t light up!

Unfortunately, it may not entirely remove the need to know Flash, but it’s still a shocking little feature.


Especially since it took so long, 22 years, to be discovered!

We can’t wait to see if more videos like this crop up online soon!

If they do, we’ll be sure to keep you on the know!