Pokemon Crown Tundra: How To Catch and Find Tyrunt and Amaura

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This is the final DLC pack for Pokemon Sword and Shield, so we are hoping Nintendo has some announcements up their sleeves.

The Crown Tundra has also introduced loads of returning Pokemon.


There is Pokemon returning from every region it appears, from the Kanto to the Kalos region and more.

The Kalos region is where we are going to focus today.

As a Pokemon fans have been on the lookout for is Tyrunt and Amarua.

Here's how to find and catch them!




First on our list is finding and catching Tyrunt.

This Pokemon has directly based on a dinosaur if you could not tell and evolves into a pretty formidable Pokemon.


Tyrunt is not complicated to find, as people have noted it can be found within the overworld near Ballimere Lake.

Since it will only spawn in the overworld, this may take some to catch but you will get one eventually. 



Amaura evolves into one of the strongest final forms from the Kalos region, so it does not surprise us that this Pokemon is heavily sought after.


Thankfully, it is not that complicated to catch; as players will be able to find it within the Wild Area of the following locations: 

  • Slippery Slope
  • Frostpoint Field 
  • Snowslide Slope

You will also have a higher spawn rate of Amaura if you search for it when it is hailing outside!