Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Breed Pokemon Tutorial

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Pokemon Sword And Shield once again features eggs, Pokemon breeding and daycares, which will allow you to get more Pokemon, differentiate their stats and increase your chances of getting shinies!

Now, players may have to learn these tactics all over again as the Crown Tundra has now released across the Nintendo Switch!


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Breeding Pokemon has become one of the most popular side quests for trainers since the Pokemon Daycare gained popularity some time ago, especially for competitive players looking for that perfect lineup.

Here are our tips and tricks to breeding in Pokemon Sword And Shield.

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Use Ditto

To typically breed Pokemon they need to be in the same egg group and of course, they have to be opposite genders of Pokemon. Getting into the egg groups can be a bit tricky if this is your first time breeding Pokemon, so to make things easier you are just going to want to catch a Ditto which we covered here. 

Where Are the Pokemon Daycares

Of course before you can even breed Pokemon you need to know where to do it. There are two Pokemon Daycares in the Galar Region, one is on Route 5 and is also the place where you can get Toxel. The other Daycare is along the sides of the bridge of the Wild Area, this one is tucked in a bit so keep your eye out. 


Once you drop off the two Pokemon to breed, just ride around for a bit on your bike and you will know there is a Pokemon egg for you if the NPC working there is doing a thinking pose. 

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_