Pokemon Sword and Shield: Best Pokemon to Catch Early! (Pre-First Gym)

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Pokemon Sword and Shield is finally here!

Hopeful trainers all over the world have been grinding away at the newest instalments in the series and exploring the beauty the Galar region has to offer.


From all of the new Pokemon to how immersive the new world is, this is one of the best Pokemon games we have ever seen. 

Having a good team is essential to your Pokemon journey, catching these Pokemon early on will fortify your team for the later stages of the game!

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This adorable Pokemon can be found within the grassy areas of Route 3 and inside the following mineshaft as you make your way to the first gym challenge.


RolyColy initially is a rock type Pokemon that sort of resemble Geodude but what makes this Pokemon a must-have is its following evolutions. 

Once it evolves into Carkol and then Coalossal it acquires the fire typing, making it one of the most unique type combinations within the game at rock-fire.

A must-have if you did not pick Scorbunny as your starter Pokemon!

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This one should come as no surprise for anyone that has played a Pokemon game in the past, although Magikarp is one of the worst Pokemon by itself, waiting for its glorious evolution is all but worth it. 

Upon entering the first section of the wild area, players are able to fish for Magikarp at any of the bodies of water and we can assume many players have already caught one!

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The snowy Christmas tree has made its return to Pokemon Sword and Shield, typically as one of the most neglected Pokemon Snover is rather useful for the first gym as it is a direct counter to the grass type leader.

Ice and grass typing is still one of the most unique combinations and with just how powerful ice type moves can be, Snover should be one of the Pokemon you consider for your team for sure. 

What Pokemon did you catch early on? Tweet at us! 


Written ByNick Farrell@NickChris_