Playstation 5 Playtime: How to see PS5 Playtime for Spider-Man Miles Morales, The Last of Us Part 2 and more!

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The Playstation 5 is now out and we know you really cannot wait to start playing the latest hits on your new console.

But navigating the PS5 system can sometimes be a little hard at times.


Our guides are to help with any problem you have before headlong into the worlds the Playstation 5 can offer.

This guide will show you how to find your playtime in games on your PS5.

Now you can show off how long you’ve spent in your favourite games, or how quickly you’ve been able to Platinum your favourite games.

How to check your Playtime

Playstation 5 


It can be really exciting to see how long you’ve spent inside a game.

Either if it’s game you’ve grinded for 100s of hours or one where you managed to speed run the Platinum those numbers can be a point of pride.

But finding out your playtime isn’t necessarily the most intuitive.

If you need a hand, here’s how to find your playtime stats on your PS5.


Step 1 - First you’ll want to turn on and sign into your PS5.

Step 2 - Then head over to the home screen.

Step 3 - From here, go over to your profile icon and select it.

Step 4 - Now look through your games and find the one you want to know the time for you want to know the playtime for.


Step 5 - Bask in the glory of your playtime stats, and if you want to, see your friends times if they’re sharing them!

There you have it. We hope this guide helps you with your PS5 needs!