Overwatch League: J Allen Brack Comments On Women's Representation

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Last weekend, the third championship of the Overwatch League (OWL) Grand Finals took place as San Francisco Shock and Seoul Dynasty went head to head for the win.

Shock came out on top with a score of 4–2, their second OWL championship win.


We spoke to J Allen Brack ahead of the event about representation in gaming the Grand Finals.

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Women's Representation In The Overwatch League

Growing up with two older brothers, gaming became my favourite thing to do, although for a long time I was told: "gaming was for boys, not girls."


With time, I learnt to ignore comments and now no one really bats an eyelid because gaming has become much more mainstream.

I had the opportunity to ask the devs what words they had for women playing Overwatch who are interested in competing in the future.

Blizzard President J Allen Brack started out by saying when he was younger, he was a hardcore gamer and everyone was stigmatised for it, not just women.

"To watch games come from that place and a place of infancy, to just be so ubiquitous in the world that we live in today".


"I've always believed that there is no one who doesn't play games, we are playful creatures" he continued.

"For someone to say I don't play games, it's just they haven't found the right one or, the stigma of what it means to be a game player has been really solid".

He went on to say that as time goes on we continue to see greater gender and racial diversity in gaming.

Brack believes that in the future the problem of females in esports and gaming will become less stigmatised and it won't be seen as an issue.


He finished by saying "Kids today growing up there is no stigma around gaming, everyone plays games, everyone is involved in some kind of electronic gaming app".

J Allen makes a great point that as time goes on, this topic will hopefully become less and less of an issue.

Not too long ago the OWL signed their first female player, Geguri.

We can't wait to see more women come to the league and it's reassuring knowing the team is in full support!