NIP sweep Melty eSports Club in the Europe Regional Finals

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NIP sweep Melty eSports Club in the Europe Regional Finals

The Europeans show a different side of competitive Overwatch 


Ninjas in Pyjamas affirmed their spot at the Overwatch zenith as they breezed through the Europe Regional Finals to qualify Overwatch MGA 2016 Championship Presented by MSI. They book their tickets to London after a convincing sweep of Melty eSports Club in the Best-of-Three Finals.

Ninjas in Pyjamas were the team to beat coming into the Europe Regional Finals. Their play throughout the tournament affirmed just how much of a powerhouse they were with a refined understanding of the maps and an unwavering trust in their teammates. Leading the way was Roadhog Hook Maestro Kalle ‘hymzi’ Honkala who just picked apart opposing teams with crazy precision. Aiding to his cause was top tier Mei player Joonas ‘zappis’ Alakurtti who was also a master of the divide and conquer mentality with the Ice Wall. NIP’s dominant form was consistent going into the Finals as they swept both Besatt eSports Kings and Team Dignitas.  

Day2 VOD

On the other hand, Melty eSportsClub had an exponentially harder time making it to the Finals. Amateur team ALTERNATE aTTaX gave them fits in their first series then Team pushed them to the brink of elimination. But it was do-it-all player Jeremy ‘Hqrdest’ Danton who came to the rescue as he stepped up his game to lead Melty to the Finals. He kept his enemies guessing what he was going to do next and gave Melty the instant mental advantage. Hqrdest played a total of five different characters for his team in their journey to the Finals.


In the Finals, Melty eSports club threw a wild card at NIP from the get-go by starting of Hqrdest with the Bastion on attack. It backfired pretty quickly and Melty were corralled to their spawn point as hymzi dismantled them with his Roadhog. Melty’s poor attack phase punished the Frenchmen greatly as NIP easily took the first match of the series.

The next map was Hollywood and that was supposed to be Melty’s comfort pick. However, NIP’s well-oiled machine still could not be stopped and the difference in skill was greatly apparent as Melty crumbled to the pressure despite the latter’s familiarity with the map.

Everyone gets involved

Compared to the Americas Regionals, the European leg saw greater diversity in composition and picks. The Europeans veered away from the classic Reaper and McCree damage lineups, and instead opted to become more creative with their playstyle. Rarely picked heroes such as Soldier 76 and Torbjorn even saw sizeable amounts of action which produced a handful of exciting games.


Day1 VOD

Tracer was picked in this leg considerably more than in the Americas. The continent’s speedy Brit is a risky choice on the attack as she doesn’t consistently deal as much damage as the more popular heroes in her role like Reaper or McCree. However her biggest strength remains her Ultimate ability Pulse Bomb, which can instantly obliterate enemies if paired up with Zarya’s Graviton Surge. Even without her ultimate she remains a thorn to tanks and enemy backliners as she darts in and out of battle. Team’s Kyle ‘KYLE1’ Swinscoe and Hqrdest use Tracer to deadly results in their series.

Mei was another favorite in Europe with her excellent utility kit. Her constant zone control with Blizzard and Ice Walls proved indispensable for the Europeans’ more tactical style of play. Whenever a skilled Mei is present she can cut off enemy teammates from each other with a well-placed Ice Walls. The main drawback of Mei is she takes up a DPS slot but doesn’t actually deal a whole lot of damage so she relies on her teammates to actually do the killing for her.

Europe seems to favor the more tactical advantage rather than the pure damage output that Offense heroes have to offer (which America favored more in their Qualifiers). Mei doesn’t just feature on defense as attacking sides also favor the adorable Chinese scientist because of what she is capable of bringing to any match. She offers point contest which no other characters can provide with her Ice Block. The Ice Queen made an appearance in almost every series in the Europe Regional Finals, with Zappis and Team’s Toni ‘Ube’ Häkli proving to be the most effective Meis in Europe. 


The Europe Regional Finals ended with its clear winner on top but we aren’t done yet as we still have the Asia Regional Finals coming up so make sure you stick around.

The Asia Regional Finals are set to kick off on October 20, 2016, 18:00 CST (GMT+8), so make sure to catch the action live on Twitch!

For more details check out the Overwatch MGA 2016 Championship Presented by MSI official website over here.