New Star Wars Game Leaked According To A Job Listing

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Star Wars has always been a massive part of gaming culture for as long as we can remember.

The recently released Star Wars Squadron was one of the best Star Wars games we have seen in quite some time.


Now, it appears a new game has been leaked over the last week.

Yet again, this leak is due to a job listing!

Here's what we know. 



Job Listing

The new job listing is for a Software Developer role within EA.

More specifically, it is a role-based in Montreal, Quebec and within the Motive Studios.

Motive was the driving force behind the recent Battlefront titles, along with the Squadron's title.


Now, it appears they are looking to bolster their employment rate with this listing.

What makes this job posting so interesting is that it has noted they will be beginning work as soon as possible on the title.

As well, they have noted in the ad that it is going to be for an action title. 

We do not know as of now what kind of title this game is going to be.


We can assume it will be within the Star Wars realm, and fans have alluded that it could potentially be Battlefront 3.

The Star Wars Battlefront series is perhaps EA's most notorious title they have released in the last decade.

The game was bombarded with criticism due its microtransactions and little content when it originally released.

Hopefully, EA has learned their lessons if this is indeed the game being developed.


But, for now, we will have to wait and see!