New Sony Patent Could Expand Esports Audiences Through Virtual Reality

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Sony has been spotted working on some interesting patents recently. First there was a worrying one about advertising in PSVR. Another suggested there might be backwards compatibility support via emulation. Now? We've got one that could change the viewing experience for eSports through Virtual Reality.

We already know Sony are preparing a new VR headset for PS5, and according to this patent, this idea would put a simulation of ourselves into a virtual space, allowing for the creation of a virtual audience.

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New Sony Patent Could Expand Esports Audiences Through Virtual Reality

Diving further in, this patent also outlines an idea to let players move across an event. That can be to specific sections of interest, finding the best viewpoint and also avoiding disruptive players, working as a means to discourage toxic behaviour.

Adding to this, a separate patent by Sony showcased a means of letting players choose multiple broadcast angles when watching events. Combined, both ideas could prove empowering for audiences, one that could reach between casual streaming and professional eSports.

Of course, patents don't guarantee an idea will come to fruition, but we're curious to see just what Sony's got planned for eSports with their next headset.