Most Anticipated Games of 2016

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A new year brings new video games!

With an abundance of major releases, 2016 is already set to be another rewarding year for gamers. But, with so many blockbuster titles released throughout the year, it’s easy to overlook and miss the launch date of this years most anticipated titles.


So, we’ve decided to make things a little easier for you. Here’s a list of 2016’s hottest upcoming releases.  

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: (PS4/Xbox One/PC) August 23

Adam Jensen returns in the latest instalment of this stealth RPG with cyberpunk themes. The story is set two years after the previous title, Human Revolution, and features new tech and body augmentations.

Dishonored 2: (PS4/Xbox One/PC) First Quarter 2016

The action packed sequel to Dishonored presents players with more choices than ever before. The campaign is still single player, but players can now choose between two characters from the original game, Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin.

Each character offers unique dialogue options and sets of powers for the campaign. You can’t switch once you’ve picked your characters, so this definitely makes Dishonored 2 worth two playthroughs.

Doom: (PS4/Xbox One/PC) TBD Q2 2016


Get ready to kill some demons. The pioneer of the shooter genre has returned along with several enemies from the iconic franchise. Doom returns with a next-gen feel and offers both single and multiplayer modes. The new SnapMap feature allows players to create their own maps and share them with others online for unique multiplayer experiences.

Far Cry Primal: (PS4/Xbox One/PC) February 23

The Far Cry franchise returns to send players back to the Stone Age. The open world action will include sabretooth tigers and woolly mammoths in the savage times of 10,000 BC.

Final Fantasy XV: (PS4/Xbox One) TBD 2016

Final Fantasy returns in next gen glory. The story will be set in modern times with medieval influences in a vast, open-world environment. The gameplay is claimed to be more action oriented instead of turn based combat like previous titles in the franchise.

Horizon Zero Dawn: (PS4 exclusive) TBD 2016

PlayStation’s exclusive action RPG blends prehistoric with advanced technology. Created by Guerrilla Games, this new IP showcases lush environments with roaming mechanical dinosaurs.


Mass Effect: Andromeda: (PS4/Xbox One/PC) TBD 2016

Bioware has created the next adventure in their Mass Effect universe. The latest instalment of the sci-fi RPG will give players a brand new story taking place long after the events of the original trilogy.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: (PS4/Xbox One/PC) May 24

Catalyst is the follow up to the 2008 breakthrough title which focused heavily on parkour to traverse throughout the game. Instead of a sequel, this title offers an origin story for the game’s protagonist, Faith, who comes with new moves in an open environment.

No Man’s Sky: (PS4/PC) June 2016

This vast sandbox offers the most ambitious game of space exploration. With a goal to reach the centre of the universe, players can visit countless planets for ground exploration to gather resources for their journey.

Quantum Break: (Xbox One/PC) April 5


In Microsoft’s upcoming exclusive, Quantum Break immerses players in a sci-fi universe where it’s necessary to bend and shape time to survive. The game boasts a new experience of integrated gameplay and television.

Street Fighter V: (PS4/PC) February 16

Capcom’s classic fighter franchise has returned. Unreal Engine 4 takes Street Fighter V to a new level of visuals, and classic characters return with all new looks and moves. The new title also utilizes PS4/PC cross-platform play so you can fight your friends or challenge your greatest rival, regardless of which platform you own.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: (PS4/Xbox One/PC) March 8

The long awaited and highly anticipated Tom Clancy title is finally set to arrive. Ubisoft have boasted an unforgiving, open-world New York setting. Players must scavenge and utilize the RPG styled progression in hopes of survival in this upcoming shooter.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: (PS4) April 27

The action-adventure of Uncharted continues on PS4. Naughty Dog recently announced this would be the end of Drake’s story just as the title implies. 


 What games are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.

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