Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes 1.09 Update

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Minecraft Dungeons has recently launched crossplay, so players across PS4, Xbox One and Switch!

Though, as always with new updates, there are a few bugs and issues that need to get patched out!

Here’s a quick rundown of everything that just got changed and fixed in Minecraft Dungeons.


Path Notes: 1.09 Update

This time around there aren’t many, but what we do have are mostly Crossplay bug fixes!

I guess the days of anti-crossplay between consoles lives on in its own way!

The fixes are:

Local co-op save data fix

Other crossplay related issues addressed

A bug related to the Inventory has been addressed


Improved the performance and stability of the game

Loading issues have been fixed

Some other behind the scenes fixes

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Nothing too major this time around, though if you were facing any issues they should now be mostly resolved!

Now players can get back to hunting Mobs in Minecraft Dungeon!

What updates do you want to see next in Minecraft Dungeons?