Method are the new Rocket League Champions of the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's!

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In the final day of the Finals Weekend of the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's, we finally met our final champion of season 4, and it was Method!

After defeating Fnatic in the Grand Final, Rix Ronday, Borito B & Kassio became the new Rocket League kings. But how did they get there? Let's check all of today's results to find out!



QF1: Envy vs Epsilon

The first quarter final of the night was hotly contested with 4 consecutive games going to overtime (!). This included a 5-minute overtime ended by Envy's Oscillon to give his team a lifeline at the edge of defeat. It went all the way to game 7, but with incredible teamwork from Bilbo, Sebadam & Cheerio, underdogs Epsilon were able to take the series 4-3 and advance to the semi-finals to face Fnatic. 

QF2: Reason Gaming vs Nordavind

Season 2 champs Reason Gaming were looking to continue their Rocket League run after barely making to the playoffs. Reason's Calix, Pugsay and Shakahron dominated with great rotations and constant pressure and took an early 2 game lead. Nordavind fought back, but Reason only conceded a single game and took the series 4-1.

Semi Final 1: Reason Gaming vs Method

Reason had no time to rest as they had to play in the semis soon after their win, but took the momentum through against tournament favourites Method. They took advantage of defensive blunders and opportunities that presented themselves and outclassed Method taking the first 3 games. It seemed like a shock upset was on the cards, however, on game 4, with only 39 seconds to go, Method woke up and Borito B was able to score the miracle goal. It was the beggining of the end for Reason, as Method won all the next 3 games and closed the series on an epic reverse sweep, eliminating the S2 champions.

Semi Final 2: Fnatic vs Epsilon


It was not the first time Epsilon and Fnatic had met on season 4. After an almost perfect group stage, Fnatic's sole loss had come exaclty from Epsilon and Maestro, Snaski and MummiSnow were looking for revenge! Epsilon was able to take the first game, but Fnatic rallied back and ended up winning the action packed series 4-3 to take their spot in the Grand Final and eliminating their Rocket League rivals.

Grand Final: Method vs Fnatic

The two strongest Rocket League teams were now face to face in the Grand Final! Top goal scorer Kassio made some amazing plays for Method, and Fnatic’s Mummisnow pulled off arguably the best air dribble this season. With amazing performances from both sides, the score was tied at 2-2, but Method's trio of heroes rallied back in game 5 and also took the lead in game 6. Fnatic did what they could, but Method was able to close the show 4-2 and become the new Rocket League champions of the Gfinity Elite Series.

With their win, Method joined Vitality (SFV champions) and Roma Fnatic (FIFA 19 champions) as the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's Champions of Season 4. Borito B and Rix Ronday also join Vitality's TKR as the only players to win the Elite Series on different teams.

The action packed season has now come to an end!