League of Legends World Championship 2015: Semi Finals Recap

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The stage was set, the Brussels Expo was filled with an ever-passionate crowd and the teams were ready. It was time for the League of Legends World Championship Semi Finals!

A clash of two nations, the hopes of a potential European League of Legends World Champion rested on the shoulders of two teams, Fnatic and Origen. However, one hurdle stood between them and the League of Legends World Championship Grand Final, the Korean powerhouses KOO Tigers and SK Telecom T1.


The League of Legends World Championship Semi Final fixtures were primed to be a battle of epic proportions. Europe’s brightest light, Fnatic, were set to face off against KOO Tigers, while Origen took on the dominant and undefeated force of SKT. Unfortunately, Fnatic and Origen were unable to utilise their home team advantage, as both teams were swept aside by their opponents in respective 0-3 losses.

Despite a few moments of brilliance, which propelled Origen into the semi-finals of the League of Legends World Championships, a rather convincing and expected performance from SK Telecom T1 dismantled Origen’s dream of victory, as the Korean veterans capitalised on their mistakes and inexperience.

While some fans may suggest that the Origen vs. SKT result was one that was anticipated, the Fnatic vs. KOO Tigers result was not. Heading into the League of Legends World Championship, many LoL eSports fans dubbed Fnatic as the only team capable of halting the unstoppable force of SK Telecom T1, assuming the two faced in the Grand Finals. However, KOO Tigers maintained their own opinion on the matter, as they shattered the dream of both Fnatic and European LoL fans.

Initially, Fnatic opened the first two games with a strong performance, as they managed to secure an early lead over KOO Tigers. However, in both instances, KOO were able to mount a dramatic comeback, turning the series on its head and consequently in their favour.


With a 0-2 deficit and defeat looming over them, Fnatic began to falter under the increased pressure of defending not only their hopes and dreams, but also those of Europe’s. The initial uncommon mistake quickly turned into a frequent one, as Fnatic drifted further behind in both kills and in-game gold. KOO Tigers swiftly exploited Fnatic’s fragility and concluded the series with a surprising yet deserved victory.

SK Telecom T1 and KOO Tigers will now meet on Saturday, October 31st, as the League of Legends World Championship heads to Berlin for the Grand Finals.

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