League of Legends 2015 World Championship Viewership Announced

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The League of Legends World Championship is one of the largest spectacles on the eSports calendar and once again it has broken records, topped off an amazing year of eSports and blown away Riot’s expectations. 

In an announcement on the official League of Legends eSports website, Riot Games have revealed the official viewer statistics for the 2015 World Championship. The event, which spanned over a five week tour of Europe, has recorded a substantial 360 million hours watched, nearly double that of last year’s 194 million hours. 


In addition to this, Riot also recorded 334 million daily unique impressions over the entirety of the event, while the Final, which saw SKT take on Koo Tigers, reached a peak concurrent viewership of 14 million and an overall record breaking 36 million unique viewers.

These monumental feats, echoed by Gfinity’s own achievement of exceeding our target of 50 million viewers for the year, only epitomises the rapid growth the eSports industry is experiencing in comparison to other mainstream media networks.

The past year has been incredible for eSports as a whole and I for one can’t wait to discover what lies ahead of us in 2016. 

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