Killjoy Disabled In Valorant Until Turret Bug Patched

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Valorant has disabled Killjoy until they fix a bug where her turret can be placed under the map.

The agent is one of the game’s newer additions but unfortunately, she’ll have to be on time-out for a bit to keep the game balanced!


Here’s everything we know about Killjoy’s turret bug, why she had to be disabled and when she’ll be returning to the game!

Killjoy Turret Bug

Killjoy is an agent who specialises in using robots and technology to aid her in battle.


One of these is a Turret which she can place down and will automatically fire at enemies.

Though, the payoff is that enemies can of course fire back and defeat the turret!

Therefore, crafty players use Killjoy to place turrets in areas where they can have an amazing view of the action but are hard to spot until it’s too late.

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However, particularly sneaky players discovered that you can place the turret in a spot where it is impossible to shoot back, below the map.

Multiple players reported the glitch related to a site on the Haven map.

When placed in the right spot near the Garage, one bomb site would be entirely shut off by the turret!

No wonder she had to be removed!


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When Will Killjoy Return?

The tweet announcing her removal from the official account did not provide a return date, but hopefully, it’ll be soon!

The development team will have spent much time creating this character, they won’t want to keep her vaulted forever, but they’ll want to ensure that she is completely fixed before they do.


It wouldn’t look good for Riot if they added a still broken Killjoy back and had to remove her again.

We expect she may return next patch, but her removal may have since pushed that patches’ release date back!

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more!