K-9 Unit Scorestreak coming in Black Ops Cold War Season1?

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been out for a little while, and fans are enjoying everything the title has to offer!

Though, if anyone was looking for a little more excitement, Season 1’s arrival could be bringing with it a bunch of new exciting features.


Though forget new Cosmetic, new Maps and new Weapons, a new Scorestreak unlock could be coming soon too!

And it may finally answer the question of if you can pet the dog in Balck Ops Cold War!

K-9 Unit, Everything We Know

We all love dogs, though these ones may play a little rough.


Introduced back in the original Black Ops game, this fan favourite Scorestreak reward is rumoured to return in Season 1.

They will probably work in a similar way to their mechanics from previous games.

Dogs roam the map for a short period of time, hunting down enemy players and killing them with deadly bites.

And they could soon return!

🚨SEASON 1 MAP NAMES + WEAPONS: Maps: -Dune-Mall-Apocalypse (Zombies)-EcheleonWeapons:-Striker (shotgun)-Groza (AR)Scorestreak:-K9 UnitMore info to come on season one as the days go by! Stay tuned and make sure post notifications are ON!🔔#BlackOpsColdWarpic.twitter.com/fVKvCQf0W4
— Black Ops Cold War Newz (@WarzoneNewz)
November 21, 2020

Included in the Tweet above, K-9 Units have been leaked as arriving for the upcoming season, but that is not all.


We also have this image via @CODColdWarNewz.

Looks a lot like a dog if you ask us!

And we also have this very distinct dog growl also from @CODColdWarNewz.

K-9 UNIT Audio file👀🔊Sound up! #BlackOpsColdWar@WarzoneNewz 🔥 pic.twitter.com/LM5xSCruDx
— Call of Duty Leaks (@WarzoneNewz) (@CODColdWarNewz)
November 21, 2020

If this evidence isn’t enough, we don’t know what is that a K-9 Unit is on the way!


Are you excited for this classic Scorestreak reward to return? Let us know!