Is The Xbox Series X Really More Popular Than The PS5 In The US?

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You may have seen headlines recently along the lines of “The Series X Has A Bigger Market Share Than The PS5 In The US”, but unfortunately that might not be the case.

Console stats are really hard to find because Sony and Microsoft don’t often share details on the specifics of how many systems they each sell.


Instead, we have to use other data to determine which console is doing better, and that’s where the errors can come in. We're here to explain the most recent ones and again show you why you shouldn't believe everything you read online!

The Claims And Why They May Be Wrong

The claims above come via a post here on


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These numbers already seem a little off because they don’t quite add up to 100% (0.01% short), and even if they did, they shouldn’t. The Xbox Series X and PS5 couldn’t collectively share 100% of the market as unless all Xbox Ones, PS4s and Nintendo Switches suddenly exploded.

So how have these values been determined, and what are they? Well, GamingSmart cites these numbers as coming from StatCounter. Great! So then where is StatCounter getting them from?

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StatCounter is a web analytics service and is installed on “2 million sites globally.”

What they claim to do is to track which devices are being used to visit the sites that they are installed on, and so StatCounter can determine what percentage of users were browsing on an iPhone, Laptop or PlayStation, among others.

They then collate this data and create nifty graphs like the ones for consoles here. By selecting Edit Chart Data on the page you can then see where GamingSmart collected their individual country data by cycling through the different options, including being able to see the graph where Xbox narrowly beats PlayStation in the US.

Though when you visit the page above you’ll instantly seem some issues with the data.


That pesky missing 0.01% global market share from earlier is held by Nintendo and if that seems low its because their current flagship console, the Switch, doesn’t have an internet browser and so won’t track on StatCounter. Though older machines like the 3DS may still be being used and logged up by the site.

On top of that, you’ll also notice that the data doesn’t say Xbox Series X or PS5, it simply says PlayStation and Xbox. 

This likely means that the Xbox numbers are from Series X, Series S, One, One S and One X consoles, with PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 contributing to the PlayStation figures.

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So at the end of it all, we aren’t seeing Market Share for the Xbox Series X and PS5, but instead the share of page views coming from either an Xbox (One, Series S, Series X) or a Playstation (PS4, PS5) on certain sites on the internet.

Sorry, that isn’t quite as interesting but at least it’s accurate! We probably may never truly know the Xbox Seris X and PS5 market share but if we ever do, we’ll be sure to keep you in the know.