Will Bugsnax come to Xbox Series X and Series S?

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Bugsnax has been all the internet can talk about since its reveal.

The quirky, sentient-snack collecting puzzle adventure game has amused and amazed fans on the PlayStation and PC.


But for us Xbox lovers, the question remains if we too will be able to play this game!

So here’s everything we know about Bugsnax’s chances of coming to Xbox consoles!

Is Bugsnax a PlayStation exclusive?

Now we’re into the messy world of exclusive games.


The word used to be simple, an exclusive game was and always would be exclusively tied to one console or family of consoles, like The Last of Us on Playstation and Halo on Xbox.

Though in recent years the term has been muddied with console exclusive (exclusive to one console but will be on PC too) and timed exclusive (launching on one console but eventually will appear on others).

Bugsnax has been called a ‘timed exclusive’ by multiple sources, so it is likely to be ported to other systems in the future.


The game’s developers, Young Horses, also made Octodad: Dadliest Catch, which had a similar launch set up, so could be used as a gauge for what we will see here.

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Octodad first came out on PS4 and PC but eventually came to Xbox One just over a year later.

So it is very likely, based on this and the previous comments, that Bugsnax will come to Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.


We may just have to wait a little while longer!

We could also see the game arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

The handheld console is a favourite among indie developers and players, so perhaps we will see a release there as well.

Though hopefully, a Switch launch will be alongside and not instead of an Xbox one!