Introducing Pro Points to Rocket League

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Today, we are delighted to announce the official introduction of Gfinity Pro Points to all our weekly Rocket League cups!

As of this weekend, March 12th, the Gfinity Rocket League 3v3 cup will now feature an additional 1,000 Pro Points, alongside its current £150 prize pool.


What does this mean?

This weekend will see the end of randomly seeded Rocket League cups on, as we begin to implement Pro Point seeding.

The final results from this weekend, March 12th, will be used as initial seeding for future cups, which will be implemented from March 19th.

The Pro Points will be distributed as follows and will be equally divided per player;

  • 1st – 1,000
  • 2nd – 600
  • 3rd/4th – 360
  • 5th-8th – 180
  • 9th-16th – 90
  • 17th-32nd – 45

The Gfinity Rocket League 3v3 cup begins at 17:00 GMT on Saturday, 12th March, click here to register.

Want to watch the tournament instead? Click here to catch all the action live on Twitch.


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