In The Spotlight: Veggey

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The Norweigians came, they saw, they conquered! Led from the trenches by their coach, the team cruised to Elite Series victory in their very first season. Here are 20 Questions with Nordavind's championship winning, highly charismatic Street Fighter player-manager: Vegard "Veggey" Kopangen Bugge. 


On Becoming an Esports Pro...



When did you go Pro?

2014 Amateur contract (same as most pro contracts). 2017 Full salary as player and manager.

How old were you?

26 amateur, 29 pro.

What was the first game you became a pro at?

USF4/SF5 depending on what constitutes as pro.


What made you want to be a pro gamer?

I love gaming, the challenge is limitless.

Who do you look up to?

My Father, and my older Brother.

Do your parents support your life choice?

Mos def!

What is your favorite game besides the one you play?


World Of Warcraft Vanilla, and the SF4-Series.


The Elite Series...


What do you think about the Elite Series?

I think its really good, need some tweaks to lessen the burden of travel for the players, but I really like the concept and how it's been done.

Who was the toughest challenge so far?


I think our toughest challenge as a team was Envyus, but we did lose to Vitality, but we lost without Phenom and without our preferred substitute.

Who is the player you would NOT like to face in the competition?

Broski, because Dhalsim is braindead!

Who is the strongest player of your team?


What does “team” mean to you?

Everything. I salt when my teammates lose, wherever it may be, proabably more than they do. I play for my team, not for me. If there was no team, I would not be playing. When my players win, I feel their joy, when they lose I want to help them suceed.


What do your teamates mean to you?

They are the best a man can get, I truely love my team! A band of brothers you might say (OR A BAND OF 3 STUPID SONS AND A GENIUS FATHER IF YOU LIKE THAT ONE MORE!)

Now that you are Elite Series champions - what's next?

Focus on the rest of the SFV Season 3. But we're very happy, we are the European team champions more or less.


Street Fighter V...



Why do you play SFV?

Because of esports.

What keeps you interested in the game?

The fgc, and esports.

Would you go pro in any other fighting game?

I would, if the opportunity presented itself.

Do you play any other fighting games?


Only the Street Fighter series.

What other SF versions did you play, or was this the first one?

SF4, SSF4, SF4AE, SF4AEv.2012, SFXT, SFXTv.2013, USF4-S1, USF-S2.

Who is the character(s) you use? Why?

Birdie. Because I love his design, and his playstyle generally fits my prefered playstyle.