In The Spotlight: Phenom

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We caught up for a quick-fire Q&A with an Elite Series Street Fighter finalist who truly lives up to his name, Nordavind's Phenom, ahead of his team's grand final face off against FNATIC.



On Becoming an Esports Pro...


When did you go Pro?

I went Pro in 2017.

How old were you?

I was 20 years old.

What made you want to be a pro gamer?


I like competing for Money.

Who do you look up to?

I do not look up to anyone in particular but I have had many people I’ve taken inspiration from.

What are some of the challenges you faced?

Before being a pro player the income wasn’t great.

Do your parents support your life choice?

They do but they prefer I went to school instead xD


What is your favorite game besides the one you play?

Not sure. Maybe Pokémon?

The Elite Series...


What do you think about the Elite Series?

It is a very cool concept. Different clubs going at it to find out who the best team is.

Who was the toughest challenge so far?


Toughest challenge was Envyus, but it turned out ok ;)

Who is the player you would NOT like to face in the competition?

No one.

Who is the strongest player in your team?


What does “team” means to you?

Team for me is one unit with a mission.


What do your teamates mean to you?

Being my teammate means we always got eachothers backs.

What would you do if you win this Season?

Look forward to the next challenge.

Street Fighter 5... 


Why do you play SFV?


I like competing.

What keeps you interested in the game?

Money and glory.

Would you go pro in any other fighting game?

If the money is right and I like it yes.

Do you play any other fighting games?



What other SF versions did you play, or was this the first one?

I played street fighter 4 as well.

Who is the character you use? Why?

I use necalli because he is my boy.


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