Icarus: The Latest Game From DayZ Creator Dean Hall! Trailer, Gameplay and More!

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Once upon a time, DayZ was one of the most popular games all over the world.

Over the course of the weekend, PC Gamer held their PC Gaming Show, and one of the developers of DayZ made a surprise announcement.

Unveiling his newest project, Icarus; we got a full-length trailer for the game!

Here's what we know so far. 



Check out the trailer that was showcased over the weekend during the event!


What Kind of Game Is It?

From what we can tell, and from what Dean Hall revealed to us; Icarus is a hardcore survival game located on a desolated planet of some sots.

It also appears on this planet, players will not be able to breathe without their helmet on and have to overcome some tricky situations.

Check out what Hall had to say regarding his newest game below!

"If you think about your first hour in DayZ, your first hour in Minecraft, our goal is to capture that [gameplay experience],” Hall said “and allow you to do that over a long period of time.”


Release Date

During the show, they revealed that they expect Icarus to be fully released by 2021!


Multiple Biomes

Over the course of playing the game, players will more than likely get to experience multiple biomes. Some will be played in a dessert, some in the woods and even some at night!


Other Notes

Dean Hall also noted that before the start of the match, players will all start up in space.

This is the last stop before heading down to the planet, where players can expect gameplay sessions lasting for hours on end. Which should come as no surprise to fans of the Escape From Tarkov series, or other hardcore survival games. 

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