How To Watch The Galactus Event Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

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Galactus is just over a week away from devouring the Fortnite island, and we can’t wait to see him do battle with the Avengers!

The event is hyped up to be Fortnite’s biggest yet, and we can already feel it.


The countdown timer is ticking down, but obviously you’ll want to know where you can watch the event when it goes live!

Here is our guide on where to go on December 1.

Where to watch the Galactus Event

So when it comes to watching the event you’ll have a few options


In Fortnite Itself

The best way to experience the Galactus event will be in-game.

If you get into the game an hour (or two) ahead of time you should be able to drop in on the event with every other player!

December 1 at 4 PM ET, so 9 PM GMT here in the UK.


That shouldn’t be too bad for anybody, even if Tuesday is a work/school night.

Though server issues can be a problem, so just in case here are some other options for you!

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Twitch / YouTube Livestreams


If servers are down, or maybe you forgot to install the update, you aren’t entirely unable to see Galactus.

Most major and many less major, Twitch and YouTube Fortnite players will likely be live streaming the event through their channels.

If you can’t quite work out how to watch the event in your own game, it will at least be better than nothing!

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Watch VoDs later

The absolute final option is to watch a video-on-demand later.

It’ll be better than nothing, but it will mean you have to watch it after everyone else!

Just check YouTube after the event and videos should start popping up.