How To Stoke A Campfire Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

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If you want an easy 10,000XP in Fortnite, we’re here to help you out!

Stoking a Campfire is really easy, once you know how to do it, so we’re here to help you with this Operation Snowdown Challenge.


Here’s not only on how to stoke a Campfire but where to find the two you’ll need in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5!

Where Are Campfires?

Campfires span all over the map, but rather than tell you where they all are, we’ll just tell you which two you’ll want to go and find.

Just west of Coral Castle, you find a little island with plenty of Campfires, and importantly wood to stoke them with.


The other advantage of this location is that it should be fairly quiet, so you can enjoy the fire in peace!

We found three, one on the northern tip, another in the middle of the island and one on a low lying beach just south of the other two.

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How To Stoke A Campfire

Once you’ve found one of the Campfires on the island above you’ll then need to grab some wood before lighting them.


Hit the trees and huts around and you should get the 30 you need (or 60 if you want to stoke two campfires).

We recommend getting the wood before lighting the fires as it won’t be lit forever, and when it goes out you’ll need 200 wood to turn it back on.

Once a fire is lit, you should have the option to stoke it using 30 wood.


Hold down the prompted button and you should see the fire roar!

And there you have it, be sure to check out our other Winterfest 2020 guides here!